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Tahltan Language

Afternoon Conversation

The third step to learning to speak Tahltan is to begin using the language as much as possible while continuing to build an arsenal of basic conversational phrases that make up sentences.

  • Thus, the main objective of this section is to begin putting sentences together with the phrases from the earlier sections while continuing to learn more syllables and conversational words and phrases..
  • Here we will take some of the words and phrases from the previous sections and recombine them to demonstrate how to use it in new creative ways.
  • Also, in this Chapter a story line is introduced to demonstrate cultural conversation dynamics in both the Tałtan and English languages.


It is inevitable that we update our language to current technologies, events and concepts. When the Tahltan language was dominant over English new words
were invented to accommodate our new European trade goods. These newly invented words are marked by an asterisk (*) say for example: *K’āk = Apple



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